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Accelero Solutions

A Company of Value, Vision and Unlimited Expansion

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The Philosophy

Helping companies connect in the digital economy

Established during the rapid expansion of the Internet economy and the spread of globalization, Accelero Solutions was founded on the philosophy of helping corporations realize true global and Latin market potentials through international web presence and trade success. As a privately-held concern with a unique focus on the Latin World - the world's fastest growing market of consumers - we have endeavored to create a solutions-based new media and international business development consultancy that helps North American, European and Asian businesses realize the amazing market potentials of the Latin region. In due fashion we also assist Latin American firms in incorporate modern technology tools into their business activities in an effort to promote the benefits of global trade.

Through business and technical development solutions we are assisting many large corporations around the world in assimilating into the digital economy while gaining competitive advantages in the global marketplace. Companies who utilize Accelero Solutions as a solutions provider are quickly creating increased international market shares, realizing new customers and gaining marked increases in their global revenue streams.

The structure of our customized solutions and InfoPortal products are helping companies outside the Latin World "connect" with businesses and consumers inside the Latin World. In reciprocal fashion, we are also helping businesses inside the Latin World connect with businesses and consumers outside their own spheres of commercial activity. Hence, we have derived the term "Accelero Solutions."

Accelero Solutions logo is the most relevant visual example of our mission philosophy of business connections. The light blue arrow, representing the countries of the northern hemisphere, "connects" with the dark blue arrow, representing the countries of the southern hemisphere. These arrows are then formatted in the shape of an "S" to represent the company name.

The Presence

Creating information platforms for the digital future

Realizing the growing need for information in the digital age, we have buttressed our businesses solutions services with a unique and unparalleled resource, the InfoPortals. During our initial development phase in which we were setting up local technical, development and sales locations, we ourselves were often in need of specific country information. Soon we realized that there existed no singular or collective resource of country-specific information on the Internet, but rather scattered bits and pieces here and there. While many Latin portal companies claimed to represent all the countries of the region, few if any truly possess real local personnel representation or country-specific information in their online offerings. Most firms still operate as umbrella sites that combine faulty and often irrelevant information alongside silly "people" content like chatrooms, horoscopes and greeting cards that have nothing to do with any country in the Latin World. In due course, none of the regional portal operations offer real world development and commerce solutions for businesses like Accelero Solutions does.

As a result of this information gap, we set out to create for the world our own entire network of URL-independent InfoPortals, one for each country and language, which not only appreciates and respects the diversity and uniqueness of each national culture, its people and business community but also avoids the often offensive fluff of chatrooms, online palm-reading and gossip columns. Because our InfoPortal network is unique in the world, it has become a popular destination for serious visitors from around the globe who seek out information ranging from Argentina to Mexico, Paraguay to Cuba, Bolivia to Spain.

Respectively, country and language-specific information is not the only raison d'êtrefor our InfoPortals. The commercial benefit of our country-specific InfoPortals is outstanding and is duly passed on to our business customers, giving them a unique strategic advantage in being able to market to 23 territories and 400 million consumers through just one single company. The InfoPortals, while not a major revenue source for our core operations, are nevertheless a very vital, functional and dynamic dimension of our product base. As more and more web sites are added to our directories by the nearly 100 million online Latin users in the region, the InfoPortals automatically gain strategic weight and increased market value. In due fashion, as the years go on and more information accumulates, these InfoPortals become increasingly valuable assets to businesses and information seekers from around the world who desire country and language-specific offerings.

Already, our InfoPortals are some of the most popular Latin sites visited anywhere in the world with millions of unique users per month. Through our product development division we endeavor to make them the most premier "real" information destinations in the entire world form many years to come.

The Future

Expanding to new regions, new businesses and new customers

Accelero Solutions is becoming an important consultancy and business development resource for major North American, European and Latin American companies aiming to extend their international reach and Latin market penetration. As more and more international business realize the need for a proper Latin market approach, our portfolio will only continue to grow. And with nearly 100 million online consumers in the Latin World, there will always be a steady stream of global customers requiring our services in order to exploit this massive audience.

Increasingly, our projects are taking us to even greater foreign lands as companies from around the world seek our assistance for powerful Latin market strategies and solutions. To accommodate this spectacular growth, we will look to the future of growing our business through physical location expansion in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Additionally, we will advance our growth activities to include the acquisition of smaller local development firms and consultancies that will provide us strength in accommodating greater and larger markets and corporate clientele. In due course, as new technologies and service solutions come to market, we will continue to expand our partnerships and alliances to meet the always advancing development needs of clients.


Connect to the Latin World.

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